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12 November 2006 @ 08:10 pm
I have found something most distressing. As I was returning from a rehersal (Ah yes, the nature of the performance shall remain a secret to you all) I noted a dark figure moving about in a nearby alleyway. Though it is something most may deem a feline trait, rather unbecoming of one such as I, I cannot but help be curious about the unknown. I proceeded down the alleyway in pursuit and I must admit rather haphazardly.

As I neared the dark shape I realized it was actually rather small, however before I could get a closer look it darted behind another corner. A nuisance, I assure you. I continued to pursue and at last found the shape, though now I may term it a 'creature' in the light. The shadows were not obscuring its form, it seemed to be made of shadow itself. It did seem to have a noticable shape, similar to that of a small child, with glowing yellow eyes and a pair of what seemed to be antenae or feelers atop its head.

The creature was cornered and turned to face me. Unexpectedly it did not seem afraid as most creatures of its size would, especially when confronted by someone of my stature. I approached cautiously, as it did not appear threatening but this proved to be a mistake. There is a small scrape on my abdomen due to the creature, it drew a bit of blood.

I did not take it well.

So I would ask that those who read this be wary around these creatures, and would suggest that perhaps someone attempt to capture one as they do not leave a corpse when certain acts of violence are inflicted upon them.

At least this place has grown more interesting for me. My back has been feeling far too light without a weapon.
09 November 2006 @ 01:54 am
[Interesting calender event. What else is a dogboy going to turn into for animals? Hehe. I can't WAIT for the 18th.]

I believe last night I had a great deal to drink, or there may be some credence to be lent to the stories of 'werewolves'. I believe I dreampt throughout the day and night, after or possibly during a strange bout of sleepwalking. This dream depicted me as a dog. Its colorings were quite similar to my own. I believe it was a species known as a border collie, though I am not certain. Regardless, in this dream I seemed to be herding children at a playground. They seemed quite amused by it all, though their parents did not take it well. Following this I found my way to a park and chased hares and rodents for several hours before resting under a tree for the night. There were other minor events, but I don't think they are worth mentioning here.

Though it was a dream, I must have been sleepwalking as I did wake up underneath a tree. However I was fully clothed, so any metamorphosis is ruled out. Quite a strange and vivid dream. What amazed me most was that the duration of the dream was in entirely yellows and blues in the way an actual dog would see. Fascinating.
02 November 2006 @ 08:05 pm
An unusual turn of events. I have encountered apparitions of people I know. Specifically apparitions of that wretched creature I am reluctantly forced to call my mother, and the captain from whom I took my ship and crew. I was not, and to be quite honest, I am still not sure what to make of them. A man such as myself is hardly unsettled by such things, as I've encountered far more terrifying and malevolant things with no tangible form.

I shall not go into details as to what transpired between myself and these apparitions, but it does not seem to be an occurance specific to myself. The journal entries of the others confirm this in part. So I pose this question to those who witnessed these things...

Were they images of the departed, or merely people you knew at one point in your life?

On to another, more pleasant matter now. I am now employed. Yours truly will be performing at the ACT Theatre in the near future. The production will be a musical, and I will undoubtably undergo a great deal of rehersal. Unforutnately I lack a great deal of information about the production as of yet, or even my role. I do know the name of the production and the name of my character, but I think I shall keep the information to myself until I am positive I want to remain a part of this.

I dearly hope to see many of you in attendance opening night.
28 October 2006 @ 03:09 pm
It seems there is no interest regarding my proposal here. Which is rather unfortunate, but one must play the hand that fate deals them. Though I think not working in congress is rather foolish and will only serve to hinder us all I do understand the inherant mistrust that people feel for one another. It is after all in the nature of many if not all sentient races, sad as that fact may be.

One would think this place would be rather dull to one accustomed to a life such as mine, but in fact it's quite easy to cope here as I am used to long stretches of time in which nothing truly interesting occurs, and this place is in fact quite interesting. I have explored the border and discovered essentially what the young Master Elric has, as well as the results of a few small tests that I will not detail here as they reveal very little and are quite dull. I will choose to see this place as a puzzle rather than a prison.

Regardless of whether or not I have the aid of others, I will solve this puzzle. I swear it.
23 October 2006 @ 10:13 pm
Such unpleasant weather after such a pleasant night. But then I suppose my mood does not control the weather, and while the reverse may happen often I hope it does not occur today for myself or anyone. There is no sense in becoming depressed by weather when there is much to accomplish.

As a result of a discussion with one Mr. Elric it has occured to me that several of us are unhappy with our place here and would rather like to find a way out. It is completely illogical for each of us to pursue this end on his or her own, so I propose that anyone interested in finding a way out of this infernal town agree to meet at a specific time and place in order to discuss what each of us has learned, and possibilities for further research or perhaps even escape.

Please, if you are interested in such a cooperative endeavor respond to this and introduce yourself to me. I have no idea what the interest in this proposal would be, so picking a location and time to meet right now would be foolish, this is why it is imperative that those interested parties express their interest.


Now on another matter entirely, I am in some dire need of employment. I was fortunate enough to find a welcome place to stay this previous night, but presently I have no idea if this will continue tonight. Judging by the clouds it would be a rather terrible night to be caught out in the cold.

On discussion with the lovely Miss Bradford last night, I've realized I have little to offer employers, so I was wondering if anyone knew of a need for skilled actors or singers. While it's a much less preferable sort of work, I am also exceptionally capable physically and if the pay is right I am willing to subject myself to lowly physical labour.

So please, if you know of any play auditions or needs for a singer tell me before I have to resort to less enjoyable pursuits.

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22 October 2006 @ 11:55 am

Why are all the letters not in the order of the alphabet? This device was designed by some kind of half senile, jerk of a man. A man who, in his long and agonizing life, became so very bitter at the hands of others he set out to create a device that would forever confuse them. I hold this device in my hands. Bloody nuisance this is. The buttons are all tiny as well. It's nice that whoever dragged me from my damned ship and plopped me down into a filthy, disgusting alley was considerate enough to give me this little piece of technology. Now I really mean that. I'll repay them someday by lodging it in their...

So let us go over what has befallen the great Captain Hunder. Last I remember I was removing my swords and collapsing into that bed that wishes it was a rock, so thus strives with every ounce of its being to be rock-like and then waking up here. Well now that doesn't help very much, does it? I can't smell the sea here. Whoever took me from my ship kept me under rather well. I'm sure they must have been very discrete in their methods.

The only reasonable solution to this situation is becoming very drunk, very quickly. Since other people seem capable of reading these things...does anyone know where a man might get a good, stiff drink? Oh. And I suppose knowing where the bloody hell I am would be of great help too.

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With all my love to those reading this,
Captain Rowen Hunder